Ten years of persistence, Fondin presents consumers with a new formula of "Fang Run"!

Release Date:2018-06-13

On June 13, 2018, Shandong, Shanghai Fondin "Fangrun" brand upgrade conference was held in the "4th A20 Future Agriculture Conference". At the ceremony, Chen Fang, general manager of Shanghai Fondin, Qi Xiaolei, product manager, Li Baosheng, manager of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, Li Kai, manager of Shandong Region, and Zhang Baochen, general manager of Liaocheng Yixian Agricultural Resources Co., Ltd. Lu Qingwen, general manager of Jiyang County Liaoyuan Fertilizer Sales Center, Chen Zonggang, general manager of Beijing Fuyiyi Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Zhao Tiegong, general manager of Raoyang County, Hebei Hengshui County, and Tian Yuchun, general manager of Luhe Agricultural Resources, Changli County, Hebei Qinhuangdao Together, the Shanghai Fondin "Fangrun" brand upgrade conference was unveiled! At the same time, Zhuang Yi fruit industry, "Agricultural Resources and Markets" media, Ali Research Institute, Qilu Evening News, code help products and 500 friends all witnessed the historic moment of Fangdian.


"Fang Run" new formula upgrade unveiling ceremony

In this conference, General Manager Chen Wei said that "the establishment of Fangdian is the future of China's agricultural production materials." “The past ten years have been the rapid rise of domestic water-soluble fertilizers. At the same time, the brand of China's water-soluble fertilizer has been born, and it can compete with foreign brands. At this time, domestic brands and foreign brands and foreign resource-oriented companies are China is competing together, and Fangdian is aiming at agricultural products. When it comes to China, the quality and output of vegetables and fruits are very different from those in foreign countries. This is related to seeds, seedlings, planting techniques, production materials, environment and other factors. Therefore, we I hope that we can contribute a little to the efficient operation of vegetables in the protected facilities of China; and that domestic products are not worse than imported goods, Fondin is determined to build its own brand and build a famous brand.” Chen Fangzhen, general manager of Shanghai Fondin, said slyly .


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